mampong agricultural center
educational hub + kente weaving workshop
near kumasi, ghana
senior studio | design, develop, build | fall 2019
prof. daniel baerlacken
site axon | southwest
this agricultural center is a training facility for farmers in the main agricultural region of kumasi, ghana. the training focuses on sustainable and economically-viable farming methods. simultaneously, the laboratory and greenhouse allows researchers to test and showcase specific crops. the center is a low slung campus including a main building that houses the core functions, the classrooms, greenhouse, laboratory, and kente weaving workshop. outbuildings that support those main functions include a dormitory, machine shed, and corn crib. 
interior rendering | main building hallway + classroom view
longitudinal section with details
r e s e a r c h
treemaker | computational origami base creation + form generator
treemaker is a computer program that applies mathematical principles to the art of origami, to create origami figures based on the number, length, + connectedness of flaps of paper. this replaces the physical calculation of geometric concepts called “circle + river packing” with pencil + paper, allowing for the generation of more complex origami bases that would be impossible to calculate by hand.
the interface conceptualizes a blank sheet of origami paper in digital space, enabling the user to create and edit tree diagrams, that are representative of physical flaps of paper in the finished base, by inputting the locations of desired nodes. the resultant folding pattern, composed of solid and dashed lines, corresponding to mountain and valley folds, will fold completely flat, to form a base that is the shadow of the user-created tree diagram. 
folding studies
these models are all folding patterns generated by the treemaker program, lasercut onto museumboard, and folded according to the pattern.
m o d e l   s t u d i e s
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