streetscape visioning for chicago, bike grid now! | january 2023
You're riding your bicycle home from the grocery store loaded up with ingredients for dinner in your basket, you're not worried about safety because you know that you're riding on a bike grid street, where the other traffic is local and moving slow. You can ride next to your friend and chat as you ride. The route is low stress all the way from your grocery store to your apartment, on neighborhood streets and designated bike lanes. Instead of being afraid that the car behind you is going to pass aggressively close, that the bike lane is going to end and leave you in a dangerous situation, that someone is not going to check their mirror before making a quick right turn, you are worry free! 
This is Chicago, Bike Grid Now's vision for a network of low stress streets across the city. These streets would have lowered speed limits, priority for pedestrians and cyclists, and help connect the existing network of bike lanes to create true connectivity and access. 
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the existing streetscape

the reimagined streetscape, complete with updated signage, reduced speed limit, and chicanes to slow down vehicle traffic
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