h e l l o !
a lifelong passion for making things has led me to pursue an education in architecture...
while architecture is neither where my creative compulsions begin nor end, I feel it is truly at the nexus of it all. 
after growing up in the sprawling suburbs of chicago, I went to georgia tech to earn a bachelor of science in architecture. 
though I would not consider my education to be solely the sum of what I have learned in the classroom and in the studio, it has certainly started a fire of curiosity...
and I am so excited to continue learning, in both professional and educational settings. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
c u r r e n t l y . . .
looking for new opportunities in design and architecture​​​​​​​
o t h e r   t h i n g s   i   l i k e . . . 
riding my bicycle ... a lot
protesting for better infrastructure with @bikegridnow
building femme + queer community with @femnthembikechi
listening to music way too loud
drinking coffee
doing handstands in the hallway
reading sci-fi books
contemplating the place of man in the universe
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